Planning for and Living in Retirement

Living Your Dream

Living Your Dream

Some people call it "retirement" but we prefer to think of it as having financial freedom.  Financial freedom means that you can choose to continue to work or run your business full-time, slow down a bit and let others do the heavy lifting or sell your business (or retire from your job) and walk away altogether.

The financial aspects of this stage are critical.  There are decisions to be made around when and how to claim social security, Required Minimum Distributions from retirement accounts, mitigating market downturns, Medicare, taxes and how to move from getting a paycheck to creating one.  There  are also emotional, social, physical and spiritual aspects of life after a full-time career. 

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Our clients know that when they are ready, they have a plan for life and their finances.  They are clear about what is important to them and how they want to spend this chapter in life.  They have well-defined strategies and a partner to help them think through all of the decisions that need to be made through the years.  They are comfortable with the amount of volatility in their portfolio because we've purposefully structured it accordingly.

Our goal is for our clients to to live the lifestyle they want, whether that includes travel, maintaining multiple homes, paying for grandchildren’s college or all of that. Our mission is to have them know where their “retirement paycheck comes from and that they have a strategy for leaving a financial legacy.” 

If you or someone you know is thinking about that chapter, let's talk. We're here to help.

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