Losing a Loved One

With Deepest Sympathies

With Deepest Sympathies

Whether a sudden death or prolonged illness, losing someone we love is a heart-wrenching experience. And in the middle of that grieving, there are so many administrative and seemingly unimportant “tasks” that need to be completed.

We work together to help take a great deal of that burden off your shoulders. Widows who aren't aware of their financial situation and haven't been actively engaged in managing their finances have asked us to organize their financial picture before their ill spouse passes away. Adult children have brought us in to help mom or dad after the one or the other has passed away. Families who don't have a financial plan have asked to step in after a sudden death to help support and guide family decisions.

It's a dark time for all, but we are honored to be able to help. We create and help manage check-lists, consolidate investment assets and work with estate planning attorneys to fulfill the deceased spouse’s wishes. We carefully listen, patiently educate and help the surviving spouse build a new estate plan...and a new future.

The biggest question we hear from the surviving spouse is, "Am I going to be ok?” Our team is passionate about doing our absolute best to make sure the answer is “Yes.”

If you or someone you know will be losing a loved one, let's talk. We're here to help. 

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