Fee-Based Planning

Being a fee-based financial planning practice, we provide you with an objective and comprehensive plan that is designed specifically for your life.    

Maybe you're wondering if you can stop or scale back in work or even sell your business.  Or maybe you are approaching or experiencing another major life transition such as marriage, divorce, illness, the loss of your spouse or parent, or a relocation.  Perhaps you are wondering if you can afford to keep supporting an adult child or grandchild or how to make your estate equitable to all of the people you love.  Maybe it's as simple as determining if you can afford to age in your current home.

You may want and need an objective financial review or personal coaching.  Based on the scope and complexity of your situation, our values-based financial plans start at $3,500 and scale accordingly.

We understand that you may be looking for a trusted partner to provide these services as well as manage your portfolio as part of an ongoing relationship.  If we are managing your investments, average fees range from 0.70% - 1.25%, depending on the value of your assets under management.

Fees for projects such as budget reviews, division of assets in a divorce, helping new widows or widowers with changing beneficiaries, re-titling of assets or working with social security are billed at our hourly rate of $250 an hour for professional work and $75 for paraprofessional.

All of our financial consultation and investment advisory fees are disclosed prior to entering into a client relationship and our fees are 100% transparent.


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