Working with Us

Many clients connect with us because they are looking for help in making a financial decision or decisions.  Those decisions can be very different depending on the client. 

Depending on your needs, our financial planning might include the following:

  • how to get the retirement income you need while paying the least in taxes
  • how to leverage your business to reach your family's financial goals
  • analyzing your investment portfolio, including asset allocation, taxation of securities, diversification strategies for concentrated portfolios, and asset location
  • family wealth transfer and preservation planning
  • "stretch" IRA planning
  • charitable giving and annual gifting strategies
  • succession planning for businesses
  • tax-efficient fixed income strategies
  • insurance reviews for your personal, business and household insurances
  • debt management strategies
  • budgeting and cash flow management
  • education funding for private school and/or college, both for parents and grandparents
  • real estate and mortgage planning

Our Process - Whether you reach out to us personally or are referred to us by a friend, your CPA, or your attorney, all new introductions have the same basic steps to start the relationship.

  1. We schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with you in order for us to learn what's on your mind and for you to learn more about us.  If we can help you with what's happening in your financial life and you decide we are a good fit for that work, we will move to Step 2.
  2. Meeting Two is a 60-90 minutes in-person (for local) or Zoom meeting (for out-of-state).  This is the meeting where we dig into the decisions you want or need to make and the challenge you are facing in order for us to gain the clarity we need for our analysis.
  3. Our team of CFPs and planners works to create a draft analysis for you based on our knowledge and the information you provided in our 2nd meeting.
  4. Depending on the complexities of your situation, we might hold a working meeting with you to discuss our initial analysis and recommendations and see if there need to be any changes before we present our final planning analysis and the answers to your initial questions.
  5. Our "final" meeting will answer your initial questions and any others that might have developed. You will receive a detailed step-by-step action plan for implementing your financial plan.

Being a fee-based financial planning practice, we provide you with an independent and comprehensive plan designed specifically for your life and to help you have confidence in your decisions.  Based on the scope and complexity of your situation, our financial plans start at $5,000 and scale accordingly.

If we manage your investments, average fees vary depending on the value of your assets.  

Our financial consulting and investment advisory fees are disclosed before entering into a client relationship, and our fees are 100% transparent.

Do you have a financial question we can help with?

Thank you!