Helping you confidently navigate life's major financial transitions. 

No judging.    No jargon.    No wavering.

No Judging.

No Judging.

First, we start with an honest, heartfelt conversation. It's important we really get to know you. What has brought you to meet with us? What's on your mind?  What financial decisions do you need to make now and in the future?  

We meet you wherever you are on your financial journey. No judging. 

No Jargon.

No Jargon.

Our team of Financial Planners will design - and help you implement - a personalized financial strategy to address your most pressing concerns today and create confidence for tomorrow.

We treat clients like friends - talk straight, break down complex actions into manageable steps and educate along the way. No jargon. 

No Wavering.

No Wavering.

As a husband and wife led financial planning firm, we understand what it takes to build and sustain a trusting and committed relationship. We bring these same values to our client relationships as well.  

We're your partner for the long haul. No wavering.

Tracy Shackelford & Harold Philipsen

As a married couple and long-time business partners, we understand what it takes to sit at the same table and work together. We use our shared experiences and specialization to help clients with independent financial decision-making during life transitions.  If any of these questions resonate with you, feel free to reach out:

  • Preparing to Retire:  I really want to retire in the next few years. How do I consider retiring with the market so uncertain? How do I create my retirement paycheck? How do I manage taxes and Medicare premiums?   When do we take social security?
  • Juggling my Growing Business and my Family: Am I taking too much risk by plowing all of my profits back into the business?  How do I make sure I can send my kids to college one day?  How do we make sure we carve out time for family when the business is exploding?  What benefits should I offer my team that are helpful and the business can afford?  What other business owners can I connect with to bounce ideas off?
  • Losing a Spouse:  What decisions do I need to make, and when? My spouse managed the money – how do I know if I (my family) will be ok?   I don't really know my spouse's advisor and I really need to trust someone.
  • Death of a Parent:  How do I handle the estate? What should I do with the assets? How are these assets going to be taxed?
  • Selling a Business:  I’ve worked hard for a long time. How will I spend my time now and will this sale enable me to fund my retirement and finance my lifestyle? 
  • Accident or Medical Diagnosis:  What choices do we need to make? Can our investments support this new change?   
  • Divorce:  Are the assets being divided fairly? Will I be ok? How do I budget? How can I plan for retirement? Will my kids be ok? 
  • Empty Nest: With the kids now out of the house, how can I figure out if we are on track for retirement?

Whatever life has in store, you're not alone. We're in this together. And from the moment you meet our team, you'll feel an immediate difference...a personal connection, genuine warmth, care and comfort. We can't care more than you do about your goals and dreams...but we care just as much!

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